Friday, February 6, 2015

Removing Disabled Users from the Varonis Permissions Report

One of the most commonly used reports in Varonis DatAdvantage is the “4b - Effective Permissions for User or Group” report.  This is used to list all of the groups and users that have access to a particular folder.  One of the challenges that we faced at a particular customer was that the business people did not want to see the disabled users who had access to the folder.  There is a filter, “Disabled Accounts,” that lets you exclude them.  However, if you just add that filter it removes all of the groups that have access to the folder.  Thanks to Kevin Cyr for asking me if there is a way around this.  Indeed, there is!  Here is a screenshot that handles the problem, which is that the groups do not have the “Disabled Account” property in Active Directory so they are excluded by the standalone “Disabled Accounts” filter.