Monday, May 4, 2009

TechRepublic Reviews Varonis Suite

The TechRepublic blogger Mark Kaelin has a review of the Varonis Data Governance suite.

Here is a link to the review.

Nice to see the product get some coverage, since it is the greatest thing since sliced bread (actually since VMware). The review mentioned three things that are wrong with the product, I take issue with two of them.

Issue 1 that I disagree with:

"Culture shock: The general principle of placing decision making concerning data governance in the hands of employees deep in the organization may be a significant change of policy for many established organizations, especially those with established hierarchical structures and controlling IT departments. "

One of the advantages of the Varonis solution is that you can start small, with one directory if you want, so that there is no need for any culture shock. Security provisioning by the user community can be rolled out as slowly or as quickly as the organization can handle.

Issue 2 that I disagree with:

"Cost and scope: The scope of the Varonis Data Governance Suite 4.0 does not come cheap. Not only will the entire organization have to buy-in to the concept, the initial software installation and training cost will be significant. This suite of software is most likely to be used in larger organizations with very specific and vital data governance needs. "

The cost of the solution relative to the value of the data is not significant and in terms of improved efficiency of IT administration the product more than justifies the cost. We have a number of customers that are small (250 users) and see significant benefit from the DatAdvantage product. Again the "enterprise" buy in is not a necessity for implementing the solution. Behind the scenes the DatAdvantage solution monitors and reports and access without disturbing anyone and the Data Privilege component can be rolled out directory by directory if you so desire.

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