Sunday, February 7, 2010

Harden Your Service Accounts

In many cases we have service accounts that need powerful privileges to perform their tasks. This power also means that there is an elevated level of risk associanted with these accounts. They could be used inappropriately to access resources without accountability, since they are not tied directly to a person. There are two steps that I recommend that people follow in locking fown these accounts. Both of these activities involve starting Active Directory Users and Groups and then selecting the Properties options on the selected service acccout. First, select the Terminal Services Profile and check the option to Deny this user permissions to log on to any Terminal Server. The screen shot is listed here:

Then we want to restrict the computers that the service account cal log into. This is found on the Account tab. Once on this tab, click on the Log On To command button. At this point enter the computer name(s) where the service account is used. This will limit the account to logging into only this machine.

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