Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home Directory Data Usage

One of the neat things that you can do with Varonis DatAdvantage is monitor how much disk space your users' home directories are taking up. If you are like most organizations where all of the home directories are stored in a common directory on the file server, this is a snap.

Using the 4f report - "File System Objects List" create a report with two filters.
  • The first is: "Access Path" and should be set to the top level folder that contains the users' folders; such as "D:\home."
  • The second is: "Directory Depth" and should be set to 3 so you capture each user's folder on a separate line in the report; such as "D:\home\auser."

Then click on the "Extended Properties" tab and select the "File count" and "Total size in MB" options. Sort, the report on "Total size in MB" and away you go.

This will generate a list of all of the home directories with their associated disk usage, allowing you to identify users who are taking up an inordinate amount of disk space. Save this report to a spreadsheet and run this on a periodic basis and you will be able to track usage trends.

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